10 quotes that will inspire girls to be their true selves, bond together, and change the world

10 quotes that will inspire girls to be their true selves, bond together, and change the world



When I see this on my friend Cami’s FB page during my morning ritualistic scroll, I immediately had to investigate further.

Cami is one of my best friends, one of the most empowered women I know – and she’s pretty social media vacant.

If I want a recent picture of her children, I need to make a personal request and hope she grants my response sometime within the next couple weeks.

So, the fact that she’s taking time to write out a full paragraph post in all caps, I knew I had to see what was up.

 The Source of the Inspiration

Luckily, another rockstar friend shared a link to a video of Abby Wambach giving the commencement speech to the graduating class of women at Barnard College.

If two strong women who inspire me to be myself are moved by this speech, I needed to listen.

I had heard of Abby Wambach before, because she’s married to one of my mompreneur inspirations, Glennon Doyle. But, until I heard this speech, I didn’t realize how powerful her voice is in addition to being a bad-ass soccer player.

I got chills throughout, and also had moments where I was really fired up, (there may or may not even have been a little Jersey fist pump that escaped).

I became so passionate about the wisdom she was sharing! It’s so exciting that all of those young women heard her words and to consider the ripples it will create.

I’m so grateful for being part of this time in history where women are rising up in this way and letting their inner power shine forth!

Abby pinpoints some really profound ideas for what we need to do to continue to transform the culture in which our girls are growing up.

Here are some of my favorites:

10 Quotes that will inspire girls and women to connect not compete, be their true selves, and bond together to change the world

On How to heal the culture of competition between women

1. Storm the valleys together and be our salvation.

2. Call out each other’s wins. Claim the success of one woman as the collective success for all women.

3. Her victory is your victory- celebrate it.

4. Women must champion each other. This can be difficult for us. Women have been pitted against each other since the beginning of time for that one seat at the table. Scarcity has been planted inside of us and among us. This scarcity is not our fault, but it is our problem. And, it is within our power to create abundance for women where scarcity used to live.

5. Joy, success, power — These are not pies where a bigger slice for her means a smaller slice for you. These are infinite.

6. In any revolution, the way to make something true is to start believing that it is. Let’s claim infinite joy, success, and power together.


On equality for women and how to make it happen

7. We can be grateful for what we have AND ALSO demand what we deserve.

8. At this moment in history, leadership is calling us to say: Give me the effing ball. Give me the effing job. Give me the pay the guy next to me gets. Give me the promotion. Give me the microphone. Give me the oval office! Give me the respect I’ve earned, and give it to my wolfpack too.

On Being Your True Self & Inner Worth

9. Every day going forward, don’t just ask yourself what do I want to do, ask yourself, who do I want to be?

10. The most important thing I’ve learned is that what you do will never define you. Who you are always will.


Here’s the full video – definitely worth a watch if you have the time. Watch the full speech here

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