108 Activities to Help Tween Girls Balance their Emotions and Build their Confidence

108 Activities to Help Tween Girls Balance their Emotions and Build their Confidence

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

Is it never too early to start teaching our kids that they have the power to help themselves balance their emotions and feel the ways they want to feel.

When we don’t give access to this knowledge, we send the message that the path to happiness and being your best self is some elusive secret. This is so sad to me!

The truth is, it’s something that we already have within ourselves. and we can start in any moment to practice listening. I believe that we all deserve to have access to the opportunity to build our toolkit of ways to increase our happiness and fulfillment.

Parents of girls- Use these positive affirmations to help empower your daughter!
Parents of tween girls- Use these positive affirmations to help empower your daughter!

Here’s a list of 108 ways to Balance your Emotions, Build Happiness and Be your Best, True Self.

The items on the list are consciously chosen to include ideas for different learning styles and personalities, things that can be done without spending money, and support holistic balance and wellness.

Share with your kids. Do it yourself. Add to the list with your own ideas. Small acts and intentions, made with devotion and consistency are what create change.


I’ve also created a list you can download and print for an easy way to share. Hang the list up on the fridge and challenge your girl to see how many she can complete!


108 ways to balance your emotions, build your happiness, and be your best, true self

Family, Home & Nature

1. Watch the sunrise

2. Tell your family you love them

3. Go to bed early

4. Sleep late

5. Bake cookies

6. Clean your room

7. Drink enough water

8. Take a walk without your phone

9. Learn something new about your culture

10. Cook your favorite meal

11. Wear your pajamas all day

12. Have a family movie night

13. Spend time in nature

14. Use essential oils

15. Look in the mirror and say, ‘I love and care for my body’

16.Plant some vegetable or flower seeds and help them grow

Friendship, Creativity & Joy

17. Dance

18. Call a friend

19. Learn something new about one your friends

20. Take a long bath or shower

21. Go swimming

22. Do something you love

23. Do a craft using only materials you have at home

24. Paint, draw, or sculpt something

25. Make up your own dance routine or skit

26. Plan a party

27. Cheer someone up who is feeling down

28. Laugh and be silly!

29. Look for the positives in every situation

30. Build a fort

31. Watch a funny video

32. Go to a playground, beach, or amusement park

Confidence, Adventure & Inner Power

33. Try something new

34. Set a goal and work towards it

35. Make a playlist of songs that energize you

36. Go for a run or a bike ride

37. Try again after you fail at something

38. Think of someone who inspires you to try your best

39. Take a risk to do something that makes you nervous

40. Make a fire or light a candle

41. Go outside and yell as loud as you can

42. Soak up some sunshine

43. Give yourself a superhero name

44. Pick a superhero power for yourself

45. Stand like a superhero: legs wide, chest out, chin up, hands on hips

46. Use positive affirmations, like ‘I can do this’, and ‘I am strong’

47. Do Lion’s Breath: Inhale, stick out your tongue. Exhale, and say, ‘ha!’


Self-Love, Kindness & Service

48. List the things you’re grateful for

49. Love yourself for who you are

50. Don’t gossip

51. Do a random act of kindness

52. Forgive yourself for a mistake you made

53. Forgive someone else for hurting your feelings

54. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect

55. Give someone a hug

56. Give yourself a hug

57. Make a gift for a friend

58. Send a handwritten letter to a family member

59. Donate things you don’t need

60. Volunteer somewhere in your community

61. Don’t compare yourself to others

62. Include someone who feels left out

63. Be kind to animals

Self-Expression, Voice & Activism

64. Sing out loud

65. Learn to play an instrument

66. Listen to music

67. Write down your favorite quotes

68. Stand up for someone who is being treated badly

69. Share how you really feel, even if others disagree

70. Listen to others without interrupting

71. Share your feelings with someone you trust

72. Spend a day with no phone, screen-free

73. Help raise awareness for an important cause

74. Use social media to spread kindness

75. Don’t follow the crowd if it’s not what you really want to do

76. Make a sign with your favorite saying and hang it in your room

77. Create a personal motto

Mindfulness, Relaxation & Inner Peace

78. Focus on the present moment

79. Write your feelings down in a journal

80. Spend quiet time alone

81. Look at the night sky

82. Meditate

83. Stay home all weekend

84. Release your negative thoughts

85. Imagine all the muscles in your body relaxing

86. Make a playlist of songs that calm you down

87. Do some yoga poses

88. Take a nap

89. Drink tea or hot chocolate

90. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful, relaxing scene

91. Take 3 deep breaths

92. Write a list of ways to calm down when you’re stressed

93. Make a zen sand garden

Imagination, Exploration & Unity

94. Dress up in a costume

95. Write down your dreams and try to figure out what they mean

96. Daydream

97. Create a new invention

98. Make a vision board

99. Visit somewhere you’ve never been

100. Learn something about another country or planet

101. Join a group, club or team

102. Use your imagination

103. Play a game you loved when you were little

104. Watch a fantasy movie

105. Learn a magic trick

106. Start a crystal collection

107. Envision the future you want to have

108. Follow your dreams!

Tips for using the list

  • Choose a category that you feel drawn to and pick one item from that category to do
  • Hang the list up somewhere you can see it often
  • Make a check next to things on the list you’ve already done
  • Make a star next to things on the list that you want to do most
  • Repeat the things that you connect with the most. These things are part of your toolkit for a confident, colorful life!

Let’s chat!

What items would you add to the list? Share in the comments! I respond to all comments 🙂

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