2019 Printable Monthly Calendar for Tween Girls

2019 Printable Monthly Calendar for Tween Girls

It’s the Chakra Girls 2019 Printable Monthly Calendar!

This calendar was designed with tween girls in mind– you know, the in-between time when you’re ready to have your own sense of time and organization outside of the family calendar, but not quite ready for a planner. (I’ve yet to come across a 7th grade girl who has more than one sentence of her planner filled out. — and let’s be honest, I do the same thing with my planners!)

I’ve wanted to make one of these of my own for a long time. It’s such a great tool to help girls learn how to create their own system for how to organize their lives and how to create intentions and goals to follow throughout the year.

Download and print out the month you need and also access new copies whenever you want. You can save this link and download the months as you go along, or join and download all twelve months at once.


Join the 2019 Calendar Newsletter, where I’ll be sharing ideas for how to use the calendar to build confidence and personal growth all throughout the year…

This calendar also includes some important features that support emotional intelligence and personal growth. Check them out below! 

2019 FREE Printable Monthly Calendar for Tween Girls



  • Space for notes
  • Personal growth prompts
  • Affirmation Station: space to write your own positive affirmations
  • Different affirmations and Chakra Girls highlighted each month
  • Australian, Canadian and other international holidays for my worldwide friends!
  • New and Full Moons










15 Responses to 2019 Printable Monthly Calendar for Tween Girls

    • I’m glad you enjoy them! I am going to be making one, but it’s likely going to be a product on my Etsy shop for the 2020 one. If you decide you want to buy one at that time, message me at: carly@innerrainbowproject.com and I’ll share a coupon code with you for a discount. 🙂

  1. We just received our digital order of the Chakra Girls resources and downloaded them along with the calendar pages. This is a valuable resource! I also teach and advocate for teen boys….any ideas for male characters in the future?

    Dr. Coco

    • SO glad you find it valuable! And yes! Chakra Boys will be coming out at the end of the year or early 2020. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like them! I created the characters and envisioned the designs and I’m blessed to work with an amazing artist, Handmek, who brings them to life for me!

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