5 Quick Confidence Crafts that Make a Big Impact

5 Quick Confidence Crafts that Make a Big Impact

These 5 crafts take little time, but can make a big impact on your children’s confidence!

Did you know that using positive words can literally change your brain?

Neuroscience research has found that using positive words can increase happiness and build resilience. In their book, Words Can Change Your Brain, Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman share, “a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.”  Isn’t that wild!?

I’ve been using positive words in my creative expression counseling, teaching and personal development for 20+ years, and now in parenting my daughter. I believe in its power and have seen the numerous benefits. But, I guess hadn’t realized quite how powerful it was I was blown away by those findings!

All of these quick confidence crafts are based on the power of positive words.

  1. A confidence-building tag for on-the-go support
  2. A positive affirmations refrigerator magnet
  3. A gratitude gift
  4. A mini-travel journal
  5. A vision board

Check out the video below to learn more about these 5 crafts…

The Confidence Words Collage Worksheet

It can be a challenge to find all the empowering, inspiring words you’d like for your crafts. At one point, I had amassed a huge stack of Yoga Journal magazines (which is a really good source for collage words), but after a few girls’ groups, all of the magazines were shredded!

So, I decided to create a worksheet that has 20+ words on it, in a variety of fonts and colors – to give it that magazine type feel to it – for you to use to create all of your confidence crafts.

All of the crafts you saw in the video above can be created using this worksheet.

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Supply List

(I’m adding some product links below for your convenience, but I got all the supplies for the crafts at Michael’s and Target, some for lower cost.)

  • Paper, cardstock or construction paper for the collage backgrounds
  • Scissors & Glue stick, rubber cement or double-sided tape
  • Markers or Sharpies to add your own words and messages

Confidence-Building Tag

Positive Affirmations Magnet

Gratitude Gift

  • Optional: mini-frame to display the collage – (I couldn’t find a reasonably priced one to suggest online- I suggest a local craft store for these)

Mini-Travel Journal

Vision Board 

  • Hole punch or scissors
  • String to attach to the vision board to hang near your bed

Share your creations!

Everyone’s crafts will look unique, just like them. I’d love to see what you and your girls create and celebrate the diversity!

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