Build a foundation of confidence and connect in a new way with a modern alphabet book for all ages.

Inner Rainbow Project's ABC


Words have the power to build VOICE, the nurture the ability to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH and to SPARK ACTION. Words have the power to TEACH RESILIENCE AND STRENGTH, and to PROMOTE COMMUNITY AND PEACE.

It’s crucial to give our girls access to the words they need to share their authentic voice.

Girls are still receiving cultural messages encouraging them to keep their voices silent. There are still pressures to focus more on building outer appearances than inner qualities. To compete instead of include.

Girls today need access to an empowering vocabulary to help freely express their true selves.

You can combat the negative messages and make a significant impact on confidence by the energy you put into the words you choose to speak and share with the girls in your life.

Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC is more than a book. It includes all the resources you need to take the words from the page and turn them into valuable learning experiences and lifelong takeaways


Open the door to new conversation

Every day is a new opportunity for an empowering conversation. It’s always something new, because the words apply in unique ways based on the challenges and celebrations each girl experiences each day.


Deepen your connection

This meaningful one-on-one time reading Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC gives you a chance to connect, learn about her in a new way and help guide her to new perspectives about her world.


Build Self-Confidence

Each word has been intentionally included for its potential to empower girls. With the learning guide you have everything you need to make the learning stick. Watch her confidence soar with every new word she learns.


Easy access to simple definitions and ways to teach the words that match each girls' unique learning style

Inner Rainbow Project's ABC isn't just a book - it comes with everything you need to teach these words and make the learning stick.


Even though you likely know what most of the words mean, it’s often challenging to provide a meaningful definition for each word that girls will understand when sharing the book together. That’s where the Confidence Dictionary comes to the rescue with simple definitions to help spark your conversations.


And, whether you are sharing the ABCs with a kinesthetic kindergartener, an introverted tween, or want to inspire your own personal growth, the Learning Guide is full of ideas to help you make the most of the experience for all girls - and their unique learning styles and personalities

Wow! I am honestly surprised by how what I thought would be a cutesy ABC book actually empowered ME right along with my 8 year old daughter.

Words I seemed to need to read jumped off the pages at me, and I felt more positive and confident as I read.  No, this is not just a cutesy ABC book. It's a beautifully arranged collection of powerful words every girl should know. To put it bluntly, it's a kick-ass ABC book!

And the possibilities for great conversation, social-emotional learning, and most importantly meaningful connection through this awesome book are endless. Typical alphabet books and kids' dictionaries with apples, bears, and cars have their place, but the Inner Rainbow Project's ABC should be right next to them and on every little girl's bookshelf."

Krissy Bonning-Gould, Mom of 2

Show her how much you believe in her.

With its reminder that “you are loved”, to the dedication page to write a personal note, this book is the perfect gift to recognize a special occasion or to make any day special. No matter what your age, this book is filled with powerful words that make an impact, so it can be on your wish list, too!

For those occasions when you struggle to find a cherished gift for the little and growing girls in your life, The Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC and its message of confidence will be the gift that keeps on giving.



“This book is like magic, opening up conversation with Bella and instilling in her every day how she’s amazing in different ways.”

Reading Carly’s book shifted something for my Bella and me. She listens closely as I read the words and inches closer the more we talk. We pause as I tell her examples of how I see her adventurous and brave, and ask her how she sees different qualities in herself. The book is a journey unique for each kid, as it tells her own story. I read it to Bella at night now to debrief her day and affirm what qualities she felt that day. This book has been such a GIFT to us!”

Stephanie Zito, mom of 2

I know a girl who needs this book!

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Created with love by a passionate mom...

I created this book as a gift for my daughter to help her hold strong to her ability to love and accept herself for who she is and to freely express her true self with others.

My wish for her is the same as for everyone who holds this book. I hope these words fill your mind and heart and help you stay connected to the unique spark of light inside you.

Love, Carly



When I first selected the words for this book, my goal was to help people access the vocabulary of positive words needed to nurture confidence and connection. Along the way, I grew to realize that in order to accomplish my goal, I needed to include more depth -- there are layers to what we need to learn to be our best, happiest selves.

We need words to speak our truth and be ourselves in relationships, words to help build the strength to keep going when things get tough, and ones to help us create a culture of unity and kindness. We also need support in making our own meanings and learning how to use these words to build inner knowing and change. The additions reflect my ever-evolving understanding.


We love this empowering ABC book! My daughter and I have fun with all of the beautiful words that make up the type of language we want to use with our daughters, and sons too!

This book is an absolute treasure for all girls! Not only does it provide a HUGE range of amazing adjectives to help our girls be inspired and become more self-aware, but it is artistically beautiful as well! I am a child therapist and have 2 girls of my own, and I see every day how girls struggle to navigate balancing assertiveness and kindness...and aren't able to describe their gifts and character strengths! I will certainly have a copy in my office and at home to help inspire our next generation of girls to treat others with respect and kindness and to also expect the same for themselves!

I loved reading this book with my daughter. Helps her with the alphabet and learn words to give her strength and the courage to believe in herself.

I gave this book to my niece a few months ago and the family loves it. The author delivers messages in ways that are nothing short of brilliant. Absolutely great gift.

“How wonderful to have these words be the ones that are imprinted onto a child’s heart and mind.”

I love this book! It's so beautiful. As I read it aloud, I'm speaking goodness and worthiness. And, that's a true gift for any child to hear.

Flo Gascon, mom of 2

“Thank you for making this book! It’s very easy to fall in love with.”

My 3-year old daughter loves the different colors! We sing the words together in all sorts of tunes. 

Amanda Domnitz, mom of 1

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Every Book Gives Back

A percentage of the profits of each book will be donated to families in need and organizations aimed at confidence-building and empowerment. To learn more about the currently highlighted cause, Visit: innerrainbowproject.com/giving-back