What if our kids were given the tools they need to be happy in life?

  If mental health were given as much focus and value as academics, so access to emotional management tools, communication skills were readily available to them?

That outside messages encouraging a focus on appearance, grades, status, superficial measures of worth wouldn’t even affect them, because their inner worth was so solid?

That they had the tools and support they needed to love themselves, follow their hearts and pursue their dreams?

The Inner Rainbow Project was founded on the vision of these things being our children’s living reality.

My mission is to equip the next generation of children with fun, creative tools for mental health, wellbeing and self-discovery.

I created the Inner Rainbow Project with the aim of helping to break the common narrative for kids to grow up learning they need to hide certain parts of themselves in order to be loved and have relationships.

ALL parts of ourselves make up who we are and deserve to shine in their full spectrum.

Just like the colors of a rainbow, they all make up one, beautiful, unique whole.

The Inner Rainbow project is a movement to help keep all your colors alive and shining bright!

The ‘inner rainbow’ also refers to the influence of the chakra system in my work.

When I discovered the power of the chakras, I knew I found the perfect pathway to improve mental health.

I created the Chakra Kids as a way to help children with their mental health now, in a way that cuts through the barriers to access- because it’s fun, positive and not scary to take in.

Because I know that the sooner that your kids realize the power of their chakras, the more empowered they’ll be to take charge of their wellness and live the lives of their dreams.

Enjoy a free gift from me as a warm welcome to this community and one step forward in your journey of supporting children’s mental health.

I hope it helps you and the children you share it with connect with what lights you up and helps remind you of how amazing you are.

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Credentials & Qualifications

  • I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of California
  • I have a dual degree Bachelor’s in Special and Elementary Education and a Master’s in Counseling, both from New York University. I also took on extra PhD level coursework in adolescent girls’ development and social-emotional development
  • While at NYU, I worked on a research team and interviewed tween and teen girls about their experiences in friendships, using a method aimed at listening for authentic voice
  • For 5 summers, I lived with groups of 30+ tween and teen girls as their dorm leader at a summer enrichment camp for gifted learners
  • I’ve created curriculum, courses, programs and taught for enrichment programs, homeschool coops, youth groups and for private families, in areas of: personal growth, creative thinking, psychology, philosophical thinking, creative writing, yoga, expressive arts and project-based learning
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher, with over 500 hours of training, teaching and mentoring hours in Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga; for 3 years, I taught yoga classes to tween and teen girls and adults
  • I’ve completed additional trainings and studies in: meditation, mindfulness, energy work, sandplay, expressive arts therapies, treating trauma in adolescents, treating depression and anxiety in adolescents and positive psychology
  • I started and ran a community learning center, Mandala Daydreams, aimed at promoting and creating space for community-based and progressive learning
  • I held a private counseling practice for 2 years where I specialized in working with tween and teen girls and their parents. I used an eclectic approach, blending my background in Western psychology with expressive arts, yoga, meditation and mindfulness
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of adults across the world as an online therapist, using the modality of messaging to approach a wide range of issues