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Ready for your daughter to love and accept herself for who she is?

WHAT IF..every month you watched your daughter love and believe in herself more?

And, your relationship got stronger as a result?

Imagine what can happen if girls are empowered to believe their worth comes from inside and are given the tools they need to overcome their challenges.

Imagine what can happen if girls are empowered to believe their worth comes from inside and are given the tools they need to overcome their challenges.


Where they can explore their potential without limits and without believing they need to look a certain way in order to fit in and be happy.

Imagine what could happen in your home if YOUR tween daughter understood her own value and trusted her own heart.

A strong foundation of self-love is empowering, helping all of us know that we are worthy... no matter what. Challenges don’t affect our self-esteem, because we know how to deal with them.

We feel free to share our true selves with the world - inspiring others to do the same - just by being ourselves!

This change can happen in your home, in your family, and in the heart of your daughter. Empowerment begins with small steps.



You want your daughter to love herself for who she is and not compare herself to others.

You want to share important things with her in a way that’s relatable and doesn’t overwhelm her, or worse, send her running in the other direction.

You’re wondering what you’re doing wrong, because she just doesn’t want to hear advice from you.

You wish it were easier to find high quality, creative ways to help your daughter that capture her interest and draw her closer to you.

You see how confident your daughter is now and worry that she will fall into the trap of losing her self-esteem during her tween years.

You want your daughter to love herself for who she is and have the tools she needs to overcome the challenges she encounters, but you’re not really sure how to do it.

Raising a daughter with solid self-esteem who accepts herself no matter what -- let’s just say it can be intense!

It’s hard- but it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve seen this struggle again and again. So I created something that will transform your parenting experience and your daughter’s confidence…



Helping girls grow up strong, mindful and happy is what Camp Chakra Girls is all about.

I created Camp Chakra Girls to help you infuse positive mental health into your daughter’s life in a way you can stick to -- so she can feel happy, strong and supported by you every day.

Camp Chakra Girls is an affordable, flexible, pay as you go monthly membership- perfect for any mindful mom who is raising a confident girl 8-12.

Get girl-tested, mom-approved activities and resources - including practical, professional support - so you can unleash your daughter’s confidence and become the superhero mom you want to be for your girl.

As a Chakra Girls camper, you’ll know your daughter is prepared with the tools to deal with challenges when they happen.

From building your relationship, to improving your parenting, to navigating challenging emotions, to giving her access to all the self-care and self-love tools she needs to thrive - Camp Chakra Girls is the answer.

Camp Chakra Girls is the place to be for raising strong, mindful girls who follow their hearts, lift each other up and unite their powers to change the world.


Each month I deliver a brand-new monthly program you can access easily on your computer, tablet or phone.

I’ve designed Camp Chakra Girls so you have a solid framework and guidance so you can your daughter can move through the adventure in a way that is guided by HER unique interests, needs and passions.

The program is flexible, powerful, and effective!

When you and your daughter join Camp Chakra Girls, you’re never on your own.

The moment you join, I become a new member of your support team and you become a part of a community of like-minded moms who share your passion in raising your daughter to grow up strong and confident.

“The Chakra Girls challenge provided such awesome connecting time for us, and she is so proud of her work.”

What you've created is such a treasure. Thanks again, Carly - for already making a difference in our world. It made Paige feel really special to be so heard and her perspective so appreciated. There is something so healing in that.



Here's exactly how I'll help you each month:

Monthly Magazine + Theme

Each month focuses on a different personal growth theme important to helping raise strong, mindful girls. I deliver the program in the format of a digital magazine your girls will love.


Empowering Activities

Every month, I share an activity that ties into each month’s focus. It helps girls build an important tool, like how to manage stress or deal with difficult friends, but in a fun, creative way.


Mother-Daughter Date

Each date is designed in the form of a challenge to increase motivation and it always includes a mix of fun and a confidence-building element masterfully built in to remove the awkwardness aspect.


Progress Coaching

Once a month, you can ask me whatever you want in a live Q+A- and you can also send in your questions in advance and access the replays, so you can benefit no matter what your schedule is like or where in the world you live


Daily Love Letters

You get a daily spark of inspiration written just for your girls from one of the Chakra Girls every day, that includes a quick self-love tip. 


Accountability Emails

You get an email from me at the start of every week to help you feel supported, inspired and to reduce overwhelm. I make sure you stay committed in a non-judgmental way.


Professional Guidance + Community

Connect with me and like-minded moms in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas and find inspiration.


Product + Course Discounts

 As a Camp Chakra Girls member you get a 10% discount on my physical products and a 50% discount on my digital products + courses!


And, there's even more at camp to EXPLORE and ENJOY!

The moment you enter camp, you’ll have access to...

When you join Camp Chakra Girls, you also get access to 7-themed camps AND special support areas for you and your daughter.

You get Exclusive Printables Every Month -- and you get to vote on what I create!

“ I hope you join us as this beautiful adventure unfolds!”


I am so excited to be a founding member in Camp Chakra Girls! The minute I read the email, I knew it was a YES for me.

There is one thing that I know for sure...Carly's whole heart and soul is in everything she creates and teaches to empower girls to live their most authentic life.

Let's face it. As busy moms, a lot of our best intentions fall to the wayside. Carly presents materials and tools in a user-friendly way that enables us to find that precious time to learn and grow with our daughters.



Now is the perfect time in your daughter’s development for Camp Chakra Girls.

It’s also the perfect time in history to empower your daughter with the belief that she is worthy and can do anything in life!

Camp Chakra Girls is set up so that girls genuinely want to participate.

The adventure starts from her strengths, needs and interests, so it’s always coming from what she cares about in a way that will help her most effectively.

Why I Created Camp Chakra Girls

I’m Carly Mentlik, licensed counselor, founder of Camp Chakra Girls and creator of the Chakra Girls, a group of characters designed to empower girls around the world to love and believe in themselves.

After supporting thousands of girls and moms across the world and working on my own personal growth, I know a thing or two about what it takes for girls to feel safe and to thrive…

I’ve taken it all and distilled it into the Camp Chakra Girls membership.

The system I’ve created revolutionizes the way moms are approaching empowering their girls, the way moms are raising strong, mindful girls.

I've also spent years reclaiming my own self-esteem.

I explored as many pathways as possible to overcome my own blocks with self-love and prepared myself to be the best woman and mother I can be. I started to share my strategies with moms and girls in private counseling and teaching, camps, workshops and yoga classes.

I realized, what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if I packaged things in a way that would be really fun, just like something they’d get excited about anyway, something colorful and happy and also happened to empower them with all the tools they need?

I put everything together into a program and characters that could teach the lessons to girls way better than you or I ever could, because it helps them connect with their inner knowing and remind them they already have everything it takes inside.

I know you have the power and wisdom inside you to give your daughter everything you want for her. I'm honored to support you in your journey.

You can have a positive parenting experience during the tween years and raise your daughter to be confident and happy.

I’ve already done the work for you. The only thing left for you to do is show up and dive in!

Who Should Join Camp Chakra Girls?

No matter where you are in your journey of supporting your daughter’s confidence, Camp Chakra Girls has quality resources to inspire meaningful connections and long-term changes in your daughter’s life, your life and your relationship.

Camp Chakra Girls is for moms who want to give their girls all the tools they need to overcome their challenges; moms who are passionate about keeping their relationship strong while they help their girls spread their wings and fly.

Girls who participate in CCG will benefit from:

Ability to look within for answers inside of turning to others for validation
Ways to manage emotions and know what coping tools will help them when
Knowing her mom is an ally she can turn to when she needs support

Here’s what it could look like if you weren’t worried that your daughter had no outlet or access to tools to help her calm her mind and strengthen her spirit.


A chakra girls camper learns how to check in with herself to know what she needs at any moment to connect with her inner powers.

She knows the tools she needs to come back into balance with her emotions and energy, and not be carried away with stressors and challenges or not knowing how to help herself or ask for help.

She knows how to ask, ‘What do I need right now to come back to center?’ and she knows how to answer it.

When girls are empowered to let their true selves shine, they change the world.

Before Camp Chakra Girls:

Something happens at school and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. She misperceives what happens and doesn’t know how to talk to her mom about it, so when she gets home she goes to her room and ignores everyone. Her mom wants to help, but thinks she did something wrong and is left questioning how to help.

After Camp Chakra Girls:

When something happens at school, your daughter girl has tools to help her communicate with the other girls about the issue. She’s confident and knows how to boost her happiness and redirect her energy. She comes home and shares the issue with you and has the confidence to ask for help if she needs it.

She has the tools she needs to succeed. You have the resources you need to help her.


In addition to this incredible value, I’m offering a special price just for the opening season of camp.

Join now and you’re locked in to this price for as long as you are a camper! When camp opens up again in February 2020, the price will be $24/month.

This benefit is only for campers who join during opening season, but there’s still no obligation — you can cancel your membership at any time.

Here's what some people love about the Chakra Girls:

Parents are going to make some crazy discoveries that will really change how they act and parent. I want my daughter to strive and yet I don't know what they're really hopes and dreams are. With the Chakra Girls, it really put things into perspective for me in terms of seeing what  she wanted to accomplish.

- Justine, Canada

Woohoo! My little person wanted me to tell you that she feels so much calmer when she does Chakra Girls!!!

We use them to help discuss emotions & various scenarios of how to cope or what to do in situations. 

- Gill & Isley, Australia

We are LOVING the Chakra Girls program! Thank you for sharing your vision! 

- Keri & Ariana, California, US


Ready for an Adventure in Happiness?

With anywhere access and 7 theme camps to visit, things are just clicks away.

With access to all the creative resources, ideas and support you need, you’ll see your daughter build self-love and happiness every day- in a way that’s uniquely her own.

Join for the Opening Season and get 25% off for life!

I'm giving you busy mamas a couple more days to join and get in on the one-time-only access to this special price, for as long as you’re a camper.

If you decide to join as a YEARLY CAMPER, you’ll also receive these exclusive bonuses:

Special price with 2 months free
Chakra Girls Care Package sent to your home
15% off all printed products and 60% off all digital products and courses
One email coaching session for you or your daughter

Monthly Camper

Recurring monthly payment, cancel anytime

Yearly Camper

Save $ - 2 months free and added bonuses

Choose the membership option that works best for you and get instant access to camp today:

Monthly Camper

$18 /month

  • Monthly Empowerment Program
  • Daily Love Letters
  • Exclusive Product + Service Discounts
  • Monthly Progress Coaching
  • Private Support Community

Happy Camper Program

$180 /year

  • Monthly Empowerment Program
  • Daily Love Letters
  • Exclusive Product + Service Discounts
  • Monthly Progress Coaching
  • Private Support Community
  • Free Email Coaching session
  • Care Package sent to your home
  • Best Value- 2 months free

You're protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know how important it is for things to be a fit for you and your daughter. So, I want to give you a full 72 hours to explore and see if things are right for you. If you feel it’s not a fit, then just email me within 72 hours and I’ll refund your purchase.

Ready to Join?


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    Step 1: Select membership level + complete payment

  • screen-icon

    Step 2: Check your inbox for your welcome email and link to private campus

    (where you’ll go to access all the resources)

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    Step 3: Login to the website and follow the camp tour for a quick walkthrough of how to navigate camp and get started.

Have more Questions?

Camp Chakra Girls is an online membership that makes it convenient and fun to raise strong, mindful girls. Every month you get access to a monthly program of creative activities and resources, plus daily inspiration for your daughter and weekly accountability emails for you. You can connect with me and like-minded moms in our private Facebook group and join me for live Q & A sessions every month. Plus you get exclusive printables, trainings and discounts.

Up to 72 hours after you join, if you decide Camp Chakra Girls isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal (and you will no longer have access to the content or FB group).

Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged for renewal when your subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from Camp (including the private Facebook group) through the last day of your plan.

You may cancel at anytime, although membership registration only happens a few times a year (February, June and October). Your monthly fee won't change or increase for as long as your membership remains active -- even if the price increases for new members.
If you cancel (and you can at anytime) and choose to join again later, you’ll be charged the current fee.

Both the yearly and monthly plans are protected by the 3-day satisfaction guarantee.

it sure is!

As a reminder, campers receive access to all this every month: