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    What if you could give your tween girl

    a roadmap to


    Did you ever wonder what it takes to make sure your daughter follows a positive path as she grows up?

    One that leads to her staying connected to her self-worth and voice, one where she believes in herself and her abilities, is able to manage the challenges that come her way and where she feels safe to be her true self in the world?

    Your daughter is blessed with intuition and an inner compass she can connect to if given access to tools that help her tune into it and navigate the pressures that aim to lead her away from her true north.

    What you need is a framework you can follow to get her there. Something to give her the tools she needs to handle those tough times BEFORE they happen. A system to help her tune into her strengths and discover her best self.


    You're raising a daughter between the ages of 8-12 and you realize you have a tween on your hands. You want to make sure she has everything she needs to help her avoid the pressures girls still experience growing up.

    When it comes to helping your daughter build confidence, you:

    • Want her to understand she has the power inside to accomplish whatever she dreams

    • Want her to avoid the difficulties and threats to self-esteem you experienced

    • Want to find a way to pass on what you learned in a way that's relatable and not overwhelming

    You want to take charge and give her these tools because you:

    • Know how important it is for girls to build tools like self-awareness, emotional management and healthy communication

    • Realize these kinds of things aren't taught in her school and know you need to take charge yourself

    • Have already started seeing signs of her comparing herself to others, staying small, questioning her worth and/or struggling with difficult emotions

    Or, maybe you just think it's really fun to be creative and explore your inner world and you want to share that with your daughter. That works too!

    If you can relate to any of that, then your journey has taken you to the right place.

    You CAN experience more joy, less turbulence and set your daughter up for a confident, authentic life.

    I've created a system for girls to use to help them create their own set of tools they can personalize, refine and use throughout their lives to be their best, happiest selves.

    Here's that roadmap you've been looking for:


    It's a home-based empowerment program for girls 8-12 and their parents and it helps you:

    Give your daughter access to the tools she needs to navigate adolescence with confidence and courage
    Fill in the gaps of her academic learning with essential emotional, social and personal growth skills
    Improve your relationship, build your own confidence and transform your parenting


    With this program, girls will:

    Build Self-Esteem & Confidence

    Watch your daughter's self-worth transform as she learns about her gifts and how to use them to overcome challenges. As she develops her ideas and shares what she's learned as part of the program, her confidence grows even stronger. 


    Discover Strengths & Explore Passions

    All of the curriculum is strengths-based. When your daughter has the chance to discover her inner strengths and explore what really matters to her, it builds foundational confidence that lasts.


    Improve Self-Awareness & Communication

    The prompts and exercises give your daughter a chance to understand her inner world and the affect she has on others. She's guided to create strategies for sharing her truth, resolving conflict and expressing her opinions in healthy ways.


    This program isn't only for girls. You will:

    Strengthen your Relationship

    This program is filled with ways to help your daughter open up and talk about challenging topics and inspire meaningful conversations. It gives you the chance to bond with each other in a whole, new way


    Calm your Parenting Fears

    With a holistic approach to her personal growth and the lines of communication open between you, no more lying awake at night worrying if there's something you're missing or if you're doing the right things to build her confidence


    Spot Red Flags

    Dealing with difficult emotions, conflict in relationship and triggers to low self-esteem are woven throughout the program. You get to uncover information you might not have learned otherwise and the chance to prevent issues before they start.


    We CAN change the way that girls grow up

    Why I Created This Program

    Did you ever wonder how it happens that some girls grow up confident and others don't have such a successful path? This is what I’ve been studying, practicing and pretty much obsessed with for 20 + years.

    I first became passionate about girls' development in graduate school when I started learning about how girls' self-esteem drops around the tween years and the negative effects women experience when they hide their voices and true selves at an early age. It highlighted the things that happened to me as I grew up. I became devoted to changing my story and to helping change the path for as many girls as I could, now including my own daughter.

    I started experimenting and learning what helps girls build the tools they need - what leads to that healthy path. I learned that parents needed to do the work themselves too, or else it wouldn't stick for the girl. I started giving the moms homework too, getting them talking, bringing them in for sessions.

    I also witnessed girls experience shame and fear around discussing challenging topics. I used my background in education and curriculum design to create activities for the girls that were fun and connected to their interests. I saw how it gave them ways to share their emotions that weren't scary and they could ease into. And, it really worked!

    When I saw the success of what was happening in my private practice and group classes, I knew I needed to make this into a curriculum that others could follow. I knew it needed to be based in the home and I knew there needed to be a way it could fit within a busy lifestyle. So, that's what I did. The first version had some good success with girls all over the world. I'm really excited about the new changes and the chance to create a box version.

    If you're interested in the nerdy stuff, I have a bachelor’s dual degree in special and elementary education and a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in girls' emotional and social development, both from New York University. I'm a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) and I've been teaching, counseling and creating curriculum and programs for children, tweens and teens for more than 15 years. I integrate Western psychology and education approaches with my trainings in Eastern mindfulness, yoga, chakras and creative expression modalities.


    “This program gave me and my daughter Addison a way to really connect emotionally.”

    This gave my daughter a powerful way to guide her through tough times. Addison was being bullied and she didn't know how to bring it up. Having this program gave her a way to talk about it and me the insight to do something to minimize the damage she was getting.

    Why this is worth it: We don't have the time. We need to connect more and we need easy ways to do it.

    If you do this now, you'll come out of the next few years happy!


    What's Included in the Program:


    Girl's Questbook

    This workbook strikes the perfect balance of independent and collaborative learning opportunities for your daughter.

    • Creative activities, exercises, journal questions
    • Hands-on projects
    • Tips, quotes and inspiration added throughout

    Parent Guidebook

    The companion to your daughter's learning, giving you guidance on how to use the themes to support your parenting and build your connection

    • Planning and Organization Worksheets
    • Mindset and Sharing tips
    • Reflection Questions

    Travel Documents Folder

    Everything you need to get started and to create a holistic experience

    • Beginning and Concluding Challenges
    • Journey Tracker and planning sheets
    • Chakra Girls design elements for added creativity

    Crystal Wand Cards + Mood Ring

    At the end of each quest, your daughter will get to record highlights of what she learned on the back of the CRYSTAL CARDS and add it to her confidence toolkit. These cards act as her 'souvenirs' and help increase motivation, ownership and retention of knowledge.

    Perhaps the best tool of the group, the MOOD RING allows your daughter to collect all of the emotional management strategies she's gathered along her journey. In the concluding challenge, she'll be guided to find all the places throughout the quests where she identified tools.


    Travel Agency Access

    VIP Access to bonus resources- extra worksheets for planning, parenting and enhancing the learning experience.


    Gift Bag

    Celebrate all the hard work she's accomplished on her journey with a mystical gift bag

    • Positive Affirmations Bracelet
    • Crystal

    BONUS GIFT ! >> Chakra Girls Spirit Card Deck

    • A perfect complement to the journey, these cards will help keep the learning going and your daughter inspired all throughout and long after you've completed the program.

    “The program gave me a way for my daughter to have an introduction to learning important things that weren't coming from me”


    I think Harper realized that it wasn’t just her...because of the prompts we went through, you know the exercises that we would do that would bring it up. So, it was normalizing things that she was feeling.

    The connection between me and her grew. She knew that it was time for us to do something together, like a ritual. It just opened up communication between us and deepened our relationship.

    Making something was a benefit too. I would see her in her room looking through it, or you know that would bring up conversations about things, because she would have something that we made or did. 

    And for me it’s a reminder of so many things. Because it’s not just for kids. If you're more conscious of paying attention to when you feel upset or out of balance in any way, how can you come back to your center? Where are you feeling off? So, when I look at the Chakra Girls book, I am checked in to that chakra we're working on. It's more awareness to take care of yourself.


    What's Covered in the Program:

    Master Itinerary

    Your daughter's self-discovery journey is guided by the Chakra Girls, a tribe of female superheroes. Created as talismans of inspiration and support, these unique characters connect girls to the powers within themselves and encourage them to let their true selves shine!

    As your daughter connects with each Chakra Girl, she'll gain valuable tools as she completes quests and challenges in pursuit of seven crystal wands-- symbolizing the activation of her inner powers. Each quest leads your daughter to explore a specific aspect of her life and gives her a framework for personal growth she can follow as she grows up. 


    Devi's Challenge 1 :: Confidence Toolkit

    Before beginning her quests, your daughter will make her own Confidence Toolkit to collect wisdom and souvenirs from her journey. This gives her ownership over the experience as soon as it begins and helps to create a thread to follow throughout the program.


    Red Garnet :: Strong Home & Family

    • Connect more deeply with roots - family, culture, ancestors
    • Strengthen family relationships
    • Create home as a safe space where you can be yourself
    • Identify family support system

    Orange Carnelian :: Authentic Friendships

    • Learn qualities of authentic friendships
    • Learn ways to strengthen friendships and be a good friend
    • Identify friendship support system
    • Discuss how to make friends, disagree and be yourself in friendships

    Yellow Citrine :: Inner Strength & Resilience

    • Explore strengths and passions
    • Identify points of pride and courage
    • Learn ways to build confidence and resilience
    • Discuss the emotion of anger and identify coping skills

    Green Emerald :: Self-Love

    • Identify what helps feel loved and good about yourself
    • Practice gratitude, self-acceptance and forgiveness
    • Learn ways to build self-esteem and boost low self-esteem
    • Discuss how to get support in building self-esteem

    Blue Turquoise :: Self-Expression & Voice

    • Learn about honesty, listening and sharing your voice
    • Explore personal voice and self-expression
    • Learn how to stand up for what you believe in
    • Discuss how to share truth even when it’s challenging

    Indigo Sapphire :: Mindfulness & Inner Peace

    • Identify already existing coping techniques for calming your mind
    • Introduce tools for calming the mind: breath, visualization, mind-body connection
    • Learn how to bring more peace into your home
    • Learn beginner mindfulness

    Purple Amethyst :: Dreams & Imagination 

    • Connect with hopes and dreams
    • Explore imagination and expand ideas of what’s possible
    • Learn about envisioning what you want and how to bring it into reality
    • Be supported by family as you reach for your dreams
    devi seated 800

    Devi's Challenge 2 :: Mood Ring

    By the end of her journey, your daughter will have gained strategies for managing all her difficult emotions. She'll be guided back through her Questbook to find her new tools so she can record them in her mood ring.


    “I want my daughter to strive, but I don't really know what her hopes and dreams are. This program gave me the perspective I needed to support her. ”

    I'm always worried about what's going on in my daughter's head because she's starting to get to an age where she's learning things from peers or even just keeping worries to herself. She's wondering what's happening to her body yet she doesn't come and really talk to me about it. So I always think "what am I missing, what is she thinking about"?

    After going through these guides with my husband, I was shocked to learn that one of my daughters felt the other didn't love her. Never once did she say something to me or my husband about this, and left unaddressed, could have caused long-term damage. It was really upsetting to learn, but I'm grateful it gave me the chance to intervene.

    Right after finishing the yellow quest, my daughter was inspired to start a YouTube channel (LOL), so I feel like her confidence and self-awareness grew too.


    But of course there are BONUSES!

    The Confidence Builders Bonus Package is designed to perfectly complement your experience.

    Discover your Best Self Conversation Game

    Organized across the same themes as the program, this offers a perfect companion to what she'll be learning and it will help you share your knowledge in a way that's relatable. 

    Activate your Inner Rainbow Reading List

    Save yourself hours of time looking for resources to take her new discoveries further. This list has 80+ resources that align with the themes of the program- and a list of resources to support you too. 

    Chakra Girls Coloring Pages Bundle
    coloring pages bonus image

    Use these to introduce the chakra girls and affirmations. They're a great way to break the ice when you're getting started and to direct extra energy while you're playing the conversation game. 

    Ready to get your daughter started on her journey of self-discovery? 

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    Box Set


    • Confidence Builders Bonus Package
    • VIP Travel Agency Access
    • Personalized Gift Bag
    • Chakra Girls Spirit Card Deck
    • FREE Shipping US
    • $10 flat rate shipping International

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you try the program with your daughter and you don't see any positive changes in her or yourself, simply email me within 14 days and I will issue you a refund. 

    Here's what happens when you purchase:

    You're one step closer to taking your daughter on a self-discovery journey of a lifetime. So, feeling excited and hopeful will be the very first thing!

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      When you purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to your bonuses and the Travel Agency.

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      Step 2: Prepare for your Trip

      Inside the exclusive online travel agency you'll have warm-ups and resources to keep you and your daughter occupied while you're waiting for departure day.

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      Step 3: Boxes Ship!!

      Boxes ship within 1-3 business days. I'll be emailing you the tracking number so you can keep an eye out for when the box will arrive and your journey will begin.

    Still have questions?

    Do I really have time for this?

    Yes, you do! The cliché is true on this one- you don't have time NOT to do this. By teaching these tools now, you'll save yourself a lot of time dealing with issues later. 
    And, the practical answer to this is also YES! I've included 2 different paths, that allow you to complete one of the quests in one week, whether you have a busy lifestyle and lots of afterschool activities, or if you're a homeschooler who wants to use this as more of an extended curriculum. 

    What if I have more than one tween girl?

    You deserve a break! Message me for a coupon code on a box set that gives you everything you need.

    Can this be used in a group?

    This program works well in a group! There are happy, little Chakra Girls groups going on right now! 🙂 Each member of the group is required to purchase their own copy of the program. I offer group discounts for groups of 4 or more who purchase. And, I'm putting together a free, group leader's guide that you'll be able to access, that gives you tips on how to use the program as a group experience. Email me: for more information and the coupon code. 

    Can this be used for counseling or teaching?

    This version of the program is designed for home-based use, to help support holistic change. It is licensed for INDIVIDUAL USE. If you'd like to use a copy of the program with an individual client or student, you may purchase one copy. If you'd like to use the curriculum with multiple clients in a practice or students in a class, you must purchase a PROFESSIONAL LICENSE. I also offer discounts on review copies, affiliate and partnership opportunities. Please email me: for more information or if you have any questions about whether your intended use is allowed with the individual license. 

    Who are the Chakra Girls?

    The Chakra Girls are whimsical superhero characters on a mission! They were created to help girls realize they have unique inner powers and the strength to overcome challenges and follow their hearts.

    The Chakra Girls demonstrate the magic in being yourself, sharing your gifts with others and working together to help make the world a better place.

    To learn more about the Chakra Girls and their story, click here.

    What are chakras and what does this have to do with them?

    Evidence of the chakra system was found thousands of years ago. It’s commonly associated with the yoga tradition of India, yet many cultures around the world and across time have worked with subtle energy system to strengthen their life force, balance their energy and grow to be their best selves. The chakra system was introduced to the West in 1918 and popularized by Carl Jung, who interpreted the system through the lens of psychology.

    The chakras are part of the subtle body; one you can’t see or touch, but where energy flows. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. The chakras are spiraling wheels of energy located along the spine, that when spinning at their optimal speed all work together to help energy flow freely through the body and create health, balance and a positive sense of self.

    In the West, because of the locations of the chakras in the body, each of them have become associated with different emotions and areas of life. The energy of chakras can become stagnant through negative life experiences and emotions. They can be balanced and strengthened through exercises, meditation, reflection and activities that promote their healthy development.

    The program themes draw on the inspiration of the Chakra System - providing a modern interpretation of this ancient framework for personal growth. The Chakra Girls and the Empowerment Program gives your daughter access to these timeless teachings and make them accessible and relevant to her life today. They also make it fun!


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