Want to give your girls access to the power of PERSONAL GROWTH in a FUN, relatable way? 

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    If you're reading this, I know you've experienced the impact that personal growth can have on your life, from IMPROVED CONFIDENCE, to BETTER RELATIONSHIPS, to having the COURAGE TO SHARE YOUR TRUTH and REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS.

    Imagine if your girls didn't have to wait until they were adults to access all those tools that helped you build your confidence and that you continue to seek out to help you live your best life? 

    The Chakra Girls Welcome Guide is the answer to that problem. It's the perfect way to introduce girls to personal growth that's creative and designed just for them.

    Girls will access the power of ancient practices like the chakras and yoga, in a way that's meaningful and fun, so they can build the foundations they need NOW to live their dream lives as their true selves.

    This Welcome Guide includes: 

    An introduction to the chakras and history of how they came to be used in modern times
    A description of all the Chakra Girls and how they help you
    Introduction to the 14 Powers of Confidence + a worksheet to explore your personal strengths and qualities
    Positive Affirmations mini-coloring books
    7 yoga poses for emotional balance
    List of 108 Chakra Girls self-care ideas
    NEW scavenger hunt with a chance to win a prize for increased motivation!!
    A suggested script for moms on how to introduce this guide to your daughter
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