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Let your true self shine! Meet the Chakra Girls!

The Chakra Girls are whimsical superhero characters on a mission! They were created to help you realize you have unique inner powers and the strength to overcome challenges and follow your heart. They’re your guides on the journey to discover your best self and live your happiest life.

The Chakra Girls demonstrate the magic in being yourself, sharing your gifts with others and working together to help make the world a better place.


 Join the confident, colorful world of the Chakra Girls…

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Get to know the Chakra Girls



Mula is trustworthy, dependable and down-to-earth. She loves gardening and cooking with the food and herbs she grows. Mula can sometimes feel so settled that she doesn’t take action to explore something new. She’s often found making potions using earth materials.

Magic Powers: Grows roots that ground people to the earth whenever they need to feel safe; Earth alchemist; Communicates with plants
Inner Powers: Helps you feel at home wherever you are, feel safe no matter what changes come your way and calm your fears when you’re scared.
Element: Earth
Crystals: Garnet & Smokey Quartz
Spirit Animal: Avani the elephant
CORE THEMES: Home & Family Life, Loving your Body


Svadi is passionate, optimistic and creative. She loves making new friends and socializing. Sometimes Svadi can be indecisive and a ‘drama queen’. Her favorite activities are surfing, dancing and planning parties.

Magic Powers: Creates waves that flow in and removes anything rigid or stuck; Communicates with all aquatic animals; Water alchemist
Inner Powers: Helps you go with the flow, feel carefree and connect to your friends
Element: Water
Crystals: Carnelian & Amber
Spirit Animal: Leela the whale
CORE THEMES: Friendships, Positivity, Passion


Mani is bold, confident, adventurous and loves being in charge. She’s very goal-oriented and always working on a project. Mani is a perfectionist and can get really angry when things don’t come out the way she wanted. Mani is a good athlete, likes extreme sports and is always up for trying something new.

Magic Powers: Wields fire to blaze a path towards your goals; Fire alchemist; Extraordinary physical ability & strength
Inner Powers: Helps you feel confident, gain courage to try new things and reach your goals
Element: Fire
Crystals: Citrine & Tiger’s Eye
Spirit Animal: Ravi the tiger
CORE THEMES: Inner Strength, Resilience & Goals


Ana is loving, kind and peaceful. She always sees the good in everyone and wants everyone to get along. Ana can sometimes be taken advantage of and get her feelings hurt because of her willingness to give everyone a second chance. She loves volunteering, taking care of animals, creating handmade gifts and looking for ways to bring more love into the world.

Magic Powers: Can create wind– Air alchemist; Can create peace between people and creatures using a Love vapor
Inner Powers: Helps you love yourself, be kind to others and feel inspired to make the world a better place
Element: Air
Crystals: Rose Quartz & Jade
Spirit Animal: Bhakti the wolf
CORE THEMES: Self-love, Kindness, Compassion


Vishu is outspoken, honest and an excellent communicator. At times, Vishu can be so truthful that she can hurt people’s feelings without meaning to. Vishu loves writing and singing songs, playing ukulele and can easily learn other instruments. She’s an activist who always has a cause she’s fighting for and sharing with others.

Magic Powers: A sound alchemist; Shoots out sound waves that create a truth serum and restores voice in people
Inner Powers: Helps you communicate positively, speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in
Element: Sound
Crystals: Turquoise & Topaz
Spirit Animal: Riya the hawk
CORE THEMES: Speaking your Truth, Positive communication, Leadership


Ajna is intuitive, intelligent and gives great advice. Ajna is always seeking out more knowledge and wants to learn as much as she can about everything. She sometimes feels overwhelmed by her deep thoughts and emotions. Ajna enjoys meditating, doing yoga and spending time writing in her journal.

Magic Powers: A light alchemist; Can read minds and understand people’s underlying motives for their words and behaviors.
Inner Powers: Helps you calm your mind, listen to your inner voice and understand yourself more
Element: Light
Crystals: Sapphire & Lapis Lazuli
Spirit Animal: Vada the owl
CORE THEMES: Calm & clear mind, Emotions


Rara is imaginative and highly sensitive. Since Rara is so sensitive, she can take on negative energies of others which weakens her powers for a time. Rara enjoys fantasy, daydreaming and reading tarot cards for the people she meets during her travels.

Magic Powers: Can create magic with her wand and help dreams come true; Can see into the future.
Inner Powers: Helps you follow your dreams, use your imagination and feel your connection with everything in the universe
Element: Space
Crystals: Amethyst & Moonstone
Spirit Animal: Asha the unicorn
CORE THEMES: Hopes & Dreams, Imagination, Unity



Early in their lives, the girls each realized they had a special strength. When tested by a life challenge, each girls’ strength was put to the test and they overcame it. During this time, a magic power was activated deep within each girl – without her knowledge. The goddess spirit Devi brought the girls together in a magical world to reveal their destiny as guides of confidence for all girls around the world. Devi taught the girls about the colorful worlds of the Chakras and how to work together to use their powers to responsibly help others. Now, the Chakra Girls travel the globe as a tribe of gypsies, going where they’re needed to help other girls strengthen their inner powers and let their true selves shine.


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A note about Chakras:

What is the chakra system?

Evidence of the chakra system was found thousands of years ago. It’s commonly associated with the yoga tradition of India, yet many cultures around the world and across time have worked with subtle energy system to strengthen their life force, balance their energy and grow to be their best selves. The chakra system was introduced to the West in 1918 and popularized by Carl Jung, who interpreted the system through the lens of psychology.

What are chakras?

The chakras are part of the subtle body; one you can’t see or touch, but where energy flows. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. The chakras are spiraling wheels of energy located along the spine, that when spinning at their optimal speed all work together to help energy flow freely through the body and create health, balance and a positive sense of self.

In the West, because of the locations of the chakras in the body, each of them have become associated with different emotions and areas of life. The energy of chakras can become stagnant through negative life experiences and emotions. They can be balanced and strengthened through exercises, meditation, reflection and activities that promote their healthy development.


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