for girls & moms

Are you a mom of a tween girl who could use support navigating the unique challenges you’re facing with your daughter?


I can help. I work with moms who are just like you...Conscious and mindful, always looking for the best ways to support your daughter. You seek new ways to improve your parenting, yourself and your relationship with your girl.

And, you know your amazingly, unique daughter didn’t come with advice to give her what she needs when she needs it on her journey of growing up.  Chances are, you weren't taught those skills growing up yourself. There’s no easy or one-size-fits-all solution.

A lot of time, you wonder, is it me that needs help? Is it her? Both of us?

What's the next best step?

If you want to get clear and focused on an issue in one of these three core areas, Confidence Coaching is for you.

Improve your Parenting


Help your daughter overcome her challenges


Strengthen your Relationship


Personalized Coaching Sessions Offer Holistic Solutions

I'll help you overcome the challenges you’re experiencing today and equip you with the tools you need for long-term change.

My approach is holistic. My recommendations and guidance draw from my vast experience in personal growth, learning styles, education, parenting and relationships.

I know every girl is an individual and needs solutions that work with her learning style and personality. As her mom, you need tools and resources that help you know what to focus on and how to make short-term changes while also looking at the big picture.

The good news is, your daughter is at the ideal age to develop foundational skills to create long-term change!

Your daughter's success depends on you helping her discover the distinctive set of tools that are going to help her stay strong and confident, by modeling what you wish for her and sharing the wisdom you gained in ways she can absorb.

You CAN help her keep her fierce spirit and authentic personality alive as she grows up.

When you keep your mother-daughter relationship strong, it becomes the core foundation of safety that give her the roots to spread her wings.

With Confidence Coaching you and your daughter will be listened to without judgment.

We’ll work together to get to the core of the situation and determine what the best next steps are to create positive change and growth.

Professional, patient, understanding, reliable, objective and non-judgmental. She helped me make an important decision in my life, and gave me practical tools to handle my troubles that I use every day.

Access the Tools and Perspective of a Professional

Rather than feel alone navigating these uncharted waters of parenting tween and teen girls, you can have an expert by your side who has been helping girls build confidence and moms navigate the unique challenges of parenting girls for more than 15 years.

As a licensed counselor and teacher working with girls and their families, I offer non-judgmental listening, honest and heart-centered advice and the guidance you need to empower yourself and your daughter.

I’m also a yoga instructor and a mom. I never stop learning and am obsessed with personal development so that I can apply what I learn not only in my own life, but offer it to my clients to improve theirs. Not only have I done the work myself, I’m still actively doing it.

I’m passionate about helping girls find that special toolkit, the customized recipe that’s going to work for them to be confident and to love and accept themselves. I’ve learned throughout my work that the one of the most impactful way to help tween girls is to help their moms.

And, if it's your daughter I end up working with most, I have a special gift in connecting with girls and helping them feel safe to share and explore their inner worlds without shame, but instead with excitement and wonder.

Carly effectively communicates with parents of tweens, sharing ways they can support and enhance their children’s learning. She has a way of truly connecting with tweens, understanding them on a core level and adjusting experiences accordingly.’



  • I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Master's degree in counseling and have practiced counseling for 14 years
  • I have a dual degree Bachelor’s in Special & Elementary Education and significant teaching experience that helps me support learning, school and career issues.
  • I’ve completed additional trainings and studies in: Prana Flow Vinyasa yoga, meditation, mindfulness, energy work, expressive arts therapies, gifted education, complex trauma, treating depression and anxiety in adolescents and positive psychology
  • I held a private counseling practice for 2 years where I specialized in working with tween and teen girls and their parents.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of adults across the world as an online therapist, specializing in relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety and self-esteem

Benefits of Coaching for Girls

  • Increased self esteem

  • Self-awareness, self-acceptance and understanding

  • Improved communication skills

  • Understand and manage emotions

  • How to effectively express true voice and opinions

  • Effectively resolve conflicts

  • Build coping skills for handling pressures of growing up


Benefits of Coaching for Moms

  • Increased self esteem

  • Confidence that you’re giving your daughter the foundation she needs to be happy and healthy

  • Less worry that things will get worse if you don't find a solution

  • Improved relationship with each other

  • Confidence she has a safe space to share

  • Someone on your team helping you support your daughter

You don't need to figure it all out on your own. 

There’s no doubt you have the passion and drive to help your daughter.

BUT, it can become overwhelming to figure out the best course of action from all the recommendations and opinions you’re faced with.

From the research you do, to the solicited and unsolicited advice, to the decisions other parents are making who appear to be in your same situation...

Does she need her own coach? A new school? Should we commit to family counseling? Is this normal or should I be concerned? Is she telling me everything?

To top it off, she’s her own unique human being and what would have worked for you, just doesn’t seem to work for her.


The Confidence Coaching packages I've put together are based from experience on what kinds of support works.

They're designed to support you in creating a personalized plan for your daughter’s personal growth that she can use throughout her life. 

What my adult clients have to say

She's been a massive help in a difficult time - I can't say enough good things about her!

I feel like my whole perspective on life has changed for the better. She's gotten me out of the negative spiral that I'd been in for years, and that's a really special thing.

She provided me with the confidence to move forward, and she consistently offered a caring tone that allowed me to feel "normal" despite my emotional turmoil.

I have had maybe 6 or 7 counselors in my life. She is the only one who has been able to help me at all, let alone help with all of my issues. She helped me process so much mental garbage - it's amazing. She has gone above and beyond and tackled everything my life has thrown at us as a team. 

Carly is thoughtful and compassionate. Very easy to talk to. Her suggestions and methods for helping me work through my challenges have done a lot to help me reconsider how I view myself and those around me.

She's very gentle, but not afraid to tell me what I need to hear.

Very insightful but also has helped me problem solve independently through my issues by allowing me to think through what I am experiencing. 

Calm, collected, and genuine. Her masterful way of dodging potential triggers is really comforting. She allowed me to discover some problems by forcing me to take responsibility and question myself.

What my tween & teen clients have to say

Carly helped me express my creativity through learning. Everything that we did had me learning in fun ways. She helped me find my voice.

She's always happy, she’s easy to talk to, understanding and makes me feel safe and secure.

Carly provided a safe and comforting space for me to talk, laugh (a lot!) and get advice. I made some beautiful artwork that I treasured, and shared with her my dreams and goals. Carly is great to talk to, laugh with, share with, and get some well thought out plans to achieve big things! Get ready to have some fun and take part in a wonderful experience!’

Confidence Coaching Services Menu

-  Individual Sessions  -

30 or 60-minutes; Phone or Video Call 
Includes one follow-up email exchange


-  Confidence Quickstart  -

90-minute phone or video call

Personalized Action Plan for a 30-day strategy to support your goals

One week unlimited email to be used anytime within 1 month of call


-  Tween/Teen Coaching Packages  -

Includes added 15-minute consultation with girl

Background and goal-setting call with parents

45-minute phone or video sessions

Email and text support for parents and girl throughout

4 & 8- Session Packages


-  Concierge Packages  -

Fully personalized to provide holistic support in the way you need it

May include: parent, girl, and/or family coaching, unlimited email and text support, custom resource and curriculum design, custom yoga and meditation practices, conflict resolution, organization and time management

All packages include access to my VIP Resource Library, product discounts & free access to my online courses.

Ready to Get Started?

I offer a free 15-minute consultation, so you can ask questions and get a sense of what our work together would look like. This also gives me a chance to learn more about you and how I can best be of support.

 Whether it's a fit for us to work together or not, my intention is for you to leave our call feeling confident in your best, next step to getting the help you deserve.

Simply click below to choose a convenient time to talk.