Empowering Chakra Girls 2019 Gift Guide

Empowering Chakra Girls 2019 Gift Guide

Finding gifts that strike the balance of something your girls actually want and something you can feel good about purchasing can be tough!

There’s the gifts she loves, yet they make you cringe that you’re participating in the madness — like I feel when I collect the excessive, plastic garbage accumulated from my daughter’s ‘unboxing-style’ toys.

Then, there’s the gifts you want to give your daughter, but they’re a total bummer when she opens them — like the time my mom gave 10-year-old me a dictionary.

Everything I create aims to find that sweet spot, where girls feel joy and delight AND you get the inner knowing you’re equipping her with some powerful tools to support her mental health.

If you love yoga, mindfulness, chakras and other forms of holistic healing, you’ve likely wanted to share these transformative tools and concepts with your girls.

Now, you have a way to introduce her to everything that’s helped you improve your life, designed especially for her by a licensed therapist and yoga teacher. 


I’ve put together a collection of some new products and special touches that all make perfect gifts for girls 4-12.

And, I’m adding a special bonus to all orders purchased throughout the rest of 2019! – a copy of the new Camp Chakra Girls Digital Magazine.

1. My Confident, Colorful Life Gift Set

This MEGA gift box contains all of the Chakra Girls most powerful tools, to support girls in finding balance, wellness and happiness.

I designed the My Confident, Colorful Life Gift Set to offer the spirit of an unboxing experience that girls enjoy.

Along with some extra surprises and a personalized crystal, this is a perfect gift to nurture mind, body and spirit. (these tools nurture inner children’s spirits too ✦ )

Here’s a sample of the tools you’ll find inside the Confident, Colorful Life Gift Set. (You can also purchase these separately.)

Lunchbox Love Notes

Send your daughter to school, empowered by confidence and love with the Chakra Girls Lunchbox Love Notes! You’ll feel confident yourself, knowing that each morning, when she heads out into the world, she has an important reminder of your love and what really matters along with her.

Each love note shares an inspirational message, quote, or a chance to think in a different way than you may have a chance to at school.

A Little Bag of Self-Love

Who couldn’t use a little more self-love?

Each one of the hand-painted hearts in this Little Bag of Self-Love is intended to symbolize something positive about yourself.

When you practice identifying positive qualities about yourself and intentionally reminding yourself of them throughout your day, you build self-esteem and resilience against negative influences.

And for those times it’s difficult to identify what you love about yourself, you can use the hearts as reminders of those who love you and see the best in you, even when you can’t.

>> View the Confident, Colorful Life Gift Set

2. Empowering Card Decks

Inner Rainbow Positive Affirmation Cards

Positive affirmations help shift negative self-talk and empower people to believe in themselves.

Use these positive affirmation cards and the included card stand for some empowering art to place on your desk or nightstand. You can also bring them with you to use for on-the-go confidence boosts.

These cards also offer a gender-neutral option for confidence-building and empowerment.


>> View the Affirmation Cards

Chakra Girls Yoga Cards

This card set contains 24 yoga poses organized across 7 themes, all to support emotional balance and wellness. There’s an index of themes and poses, instructions on how to use the cards and instructions for how to practice each pose, color-coded by theme.

Practicing yoga has significant benefits for girls, from stress-reduction to increased strength, balanced moods, clear thinking and more!

>> View the Yoga Cards

Chakra Girls Spirit Cards

The Spirit Cards help you connect with all of your inner powers and discover your best, happiest self.

Each one of the color categories shares certain themes, affirmations, tools and ideas to help you learn to feel balanced and happy.

The card deck comes with a guidebook full of ideas on how to use the cards, supportive messages, activities and prompts for diverse learning styles and personalities.

>> View the Spirit Cards

You can also get all three decks at a discount, when you buy all three.

>> Learn more here: Card Deck Gift Set

3. Inner Rainbow 7 Chakras Crystal Set

I’ve been using crystals in my counseling practice and yoga classes for over 10 years now, and I’m thrilled to finally be offering these powerful tools in my shop.

I curated this crystal set to support balanced emotional states and to align with the energy of the seven chakras.

Crystals can be a great way to introduce emotional management tools to kids and tweens.
They’re tangible, accessible and provide a more comfortable pathway to discuss complex emotions.

>> 7 Chakras Crystal Set

For your budding yoginis, I’ve also made a Yoga + Crystals Starter Set, so you can pair the yoga poses with the corresponding crystals for a multi-sensory experience.

4. Chakra Girls Aromatherapy Dough

Aromatherapy Dough can be used for stress relief, energy and emotional management and just for fun!

I created this product in collaboration with Jennifer from the Etsy shop DoughForIt. She crafts the dough in small batches using non-toxic ingredients and pure essential oils.

You can choose from Connect with the Sun‘ Energizing Dough with Orange + Grapefruit essential oils, Connect with the Moon‘ Calming Dough with Lavender + Vanilla essential oils, or a set of both.

Each tin of dough also comes in an organza bag, with a crystal and info card with breathing exercise and positive affirmation.

Psst- If you have a slime lover on your hands, this is a perfect gift and could be a welcome alternative for your home 🙂

>> Energizing Aromatherapy Dough

>> Calming Aromatherapy Dough

>> 2-Set of Calming and Energizing Dough

5. Ready-to-Give Gift Sets


I’ve loved wrapping gifts since I was little and my mom taught me how to fold the corners of wrapping paper so you get the perfect fit.

I use that same kind of thoughtful intention and love when I put together every package.

With the custom gift option, you get a chance to personalize your gift and have it ready-to-give.

When you choose a gift set or upgrade to the gift wrap option, you’ll get:

  • Personal crystal intentionally selected just for the gift recipient, along with handwritten card
  • Rose gold colored card holder to display the cards
  • Glow-in-the-dark silicone bracelet
  • ‘You are Magical’ color-changing pencil
  • Chakra Girls vinyl sticker
  • Blank gift card to share your own message, all wrapped and ready to go in a gift box, for a conscious unboxing experience you can feel good about.
  • And, FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Explore the options for gift sets: >> Ready-to-Give Gift Sets

Custom Gifts

Want something entirely custom to your gift recipient’s interests and needs?

Here’s just one example of a custom gift set. It was created to support healing from emotional distress because of friendship issues and to restore confidence.

Check out the custom gifts section of my shop to get some ideas.

The first step is messaging me to let me know what you’re envisioning…

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ – Picasso

>> Explore Custom Gifts

Free Gift with orders for the rest of 2019!

The Camp Chakra Girls Magazine is an interactive digital experience full of engaging activities.

It’s the perfect way to introduce valuable tools like yoga, mindfulness and positive affirmations, in a creative, FUN way that girls will love!

Inside, you’ll find creative activities to promote self-discovery, self-care and kindness challenges, beginner breathing exercises and yoga poses and so much more.

I’ve decided to offer a free copy of the magazine to everyone who places an order of $10 or more in my shop throughout the rest of 2019.

You can learn more about the magazine and see pictures of what’s inside here: Camp Chakra Girls Digital Magazine

Every purchase gives back

It’s important to me to be a 1:1 company, where every purchase not only benefits the person who will be using the products and me in supporting my daughter, but also contributes to supporting others in need.

I donate a portion of every sale to an organization or person who touches my heart. I wanted to share a little bit about some of the organizations and what your current and future purchases support.

This past year, I had the honor of donating over 5000 meals to Feeding San Diego.

I was especially moved by the ‘No Child Hungry’ campaign. Even though I experience my own stressors around making sure I’m providing everything for my daughter, I am blessed to have never had to worry about being able to feed her healthy food. It’s a basic right everyone deserves!

This holiday season, I’ll be supporting a new friend in Uganda who uses her own money to support girls in her village with sanitary napkins, so they’re able to attend school. Even though we’ve never met in person and we’re oceans away, we share the same passion to help.

In 2020, globally, I’ll be supporting the Malala Fund to help remove barriers to girls’ education. Locally, I’ll be building a scholarship fund for people interested in my courses and services but can’t afford them. I’ll also be donating a portion of all sales of crystals to a fund for student artists started in memory of my stepsister Robyn, who was studying crystal healing when she passed away.

You can learn about more here: Inner Rainbow Project Gives Back

Have an idea for an organization you think I should support? Someone who deserves a scholarship? Email me at: carly@innerrainbowproject.com and let me know!

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. – Mother Teresa

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