Empowering Your Kids and Staying Connected to Your Authentic Voice [Podcast]

Empowering Your Kids and Staying Connected to Your Authentic Voice [Podcast]

In this podcast, I talk with Shannon Kinney-Duh and Ashley Walburn from the Mindful Mama Movement on the topic of how to empower your kids to stay connected to their authentic voice.

Highlights of the show:

  • Why girls lose touch their authentic voice
  • How to use positive mindset and affirmations to shift negative self-talk patterns
  • Ways of helping children manage negative emotions
  • Importance of bringing emotions of all kinds into conversation as a foundational approach
  • Importance of teaching by example about how to manage emotions and talk about them
  • How to make deeper connections with kids but giving them room to grow and take risks
  • How to use a relationship-based parenting approach
  • How to balance the need for mindfulness, emotional and creative development in different types of school settings
  • Learn about the Chakra Girls- a way to distill the teachings of the chakra system to girls in a fun, accessible, relatable way and help them where they’re at
  • How to use the Chakra Girls to help you manage your emotions and in what kinds of situations
  • How to use of chakra system as a path of personal development
  • How to stay connected to own inner power and self-care for self as a mom


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