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The New and Improved Girls’ Empowerment Program is launching August 2018

The Chakra Girls’ Empowerment Program is designed for girls 8-12 and their parents and gives access to the personal growth learning that is missing from schools- delivered in a fun, engaging way. This program gives you the roadmap you need to navigate the teen years and beyond.

The program features the Chakra Girls – a tribe of female superheroes. Created as talismans of inspiration and support, these unique characters connect girls to the powers within themselves and encourage them to let their true selves shine!

Girls will:

Build the resilience needed to meet the pressures of growing up
Learn to understand and manage their emotions
Discover ways to positively express what they think and feel
Learn to connect with their strengths and passions
Be empowered to be your their true selves


Parents will:

Feel confident you’re giving your daughter the tools she needs to thrive
Improve your relationship with your daughter
Improve your parenting
Experience more harmony in your home

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