[Quiz] What Chakra Girl are you most like?

[Quiz] What Chakra Girl are you most like?

The Chakra Girls are a tribe of superheroes on a mission. They’ll inspire you to be confident and daring, share your voice and unite with others to change the world.
Take this quiz to find out which Chakra Girl you’re most like and activate your inner powers!


Where would you like to live?

What kind of party would you like to have?

Which activity would you like to try?

Pick an aromatherapy scent for your room.

Which club would you join?

How would you most like to spend your weekend?

Where would you go on a dream vacation?

Choose a magic power.

Choose a spirit animal sidekick.

Which image do you connect to most?

Which Chakra Girl are you most like?
You got Mula!

Mula is trustworthy, dependable and down-to-earth. She loves gardening and cooking with the food and herbs she grows. She’s often found making potions using earth materials. Her spirit animal is Avani the elephant.
You got Svadi!

Svadi is passionate, optimistic and creative. She loves making new friends and socializing. Her favorite activities are surfing, dancing and planning parties. Her spirit animal is Leela the whale.
You got Mani!

Mani is bold, confident, adventurous and loves being in charge. She’s very goal-oriented and always working on a project. Mani is a good athlete, likes extreme sports and is always up for trying something new. Her spirit animal is Ravi the tiger.
You got Ana!

Ana is loving, kind and peaceful. She always sees the good in everyone and wants everyone to get along. She loves volunteering, taking care of animals, creating handmade gifts and looking for ways to bring more love into the world. Her spirit animal is Bhakti the wolf.
You got Vishu!

Vishu is outspoken, honest and an excellent communicator. Vishu loves writing and singing songs, playing ukulele and can easily learn other instruments. She’s an activist who always has a cause she’s fighting for and sharing with others. Her spirit animal is Riya the hawk.
You got Ajna!

Ajna is intuitive, intelligent and gives great advice. Ajna is always seeking out more knowledge and wants to learn as much as she can about everything. Ajna enjoys meditating, doing yoga and spending time writing in her journal. Her spirit animal is Vada the owl.
You got Rara!

Rara is imaginative and highly sensitive. Rara enjoys fantasy, daydreaming, collecting crystals and reading tarot cards. Her spirit animal is Asha the unicorn.

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