Spreading the Love

Part of the mission of the Inner Rainbow Project is to not only help children build their inner strength and confidence, but to teach the importance of using your gifts, talents and the magic that comes with letting your true self shine, in the service of uplifting others and helping to make the world a better place.

In this spirit, I'll be donating a percentage of the profits of all of my products to organizations that empower children and other causes I'm passionate about.

Check in here to find out who I'm currently donating to -- and who you're helping whenever you make a purchase.

January - November 2019

Feeding San Diego








December 2019 - present

Future Agirl - Uganda

I'm honored to help my new friend Mary Kevin in her pursuit to support the girls from the village where she grew up. She and her boyfriend use their own money to buy basic supplies like sanitary napkins, so the girls are able to go to school. It can be considered dirty and shameful to have your period and it affects the girls' self-esteem, as well as creates significant barriers for their education.

This holiday season and throughout 2020, I'm donating a percentage of all profits to her important mission.