How to Teach Your Children to Calm Their Minds

How to Teach Your Children to Calm Their Minds

If you didn’t need some support with calming your mind before, 2020 has served up enough chaos that everyone could use some support in calming their minds.

Parents, practitioners and anyone who works with children and tweens…I’ve written the following post using accessible, relatable language, with the intention that you are able to read it with the children in your lives.

As you may have likely already experienced, often you can have the best advice, tools, strategies, ideas and your kids don’t want to hear it from you.

When you share resources with them that they’re able to engage with and create personal meaning on their own, you open up doors of possibility that you may not have felt were there before.

You help them feel safe to listen and learn.

And, most importantly, you empower them with knowledge and tools they can use throughout their life to support their emotional wellness.


There are so many things that can come up to cause your mind to feel confused and chaotic.

Sometimes, it can feel like it’s impossible to stop the thoughts going through our minds.

If you think of your mind like the ocean, with waves that always go up and down, you can learn to ride the waves and not get stuck believing you’re always going to feel the way you do when things are hard and stressful.

Remember, you have the power to practice calming your mind with each inhale and exhale you take.


1. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful scene. Imagine all your muscles relaxing and focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling. If thoughts come to your mind, imagine a cloud passing by carrying the thoughts away with it and go back to your breathing.

2. Make a playlist of songs that calm you down and listen to it when you feel stress, anxiety or just want to relax.

3. Make a list of your favorite ways to relax. Keep it somewhere you can access it easily, for times when you’re stressed and it’s hard to remember the things that work for you.

Prefer to learn by listening? Here’s a short but powerful, 6-minute video I recorded for you:

Your Guide to Holistic Wellness for your Kids

Cultivating our own happiness is something we all possess the power to do… ⁣Because happiness comes from within!⁣

It’s only fair to pass along the same knowledge to our children — so that they know being happy isn’t something that lies outside of them.⁣
⁣Learn how to introduce your kids to the world of chakras and energy balancing!⁣

It’s a gentle way to help them:⁣
– Stay grounded⁣
– Even out their emotions⁣
– Integrate self-awareness⁣
– Navigate mental wellness⁣
I’ve got a list of 108 tips for balancing your kid’s chakras… ⁣

Complete with activities you can do with your children/tweens to develop the tools they need to re-balance when they feel off-center. ⁣

I am thrilled to share programs and products designed to support children’s mental health and happiness.⁣

It’s never too early to teach our little ones that they have the power to help themselves. ⁣

And the mind-body connection is a great place to start!⁣

Have fun bridging that energy for your kids — there are so many healing gems within!⁣

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