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Discover your Best Self with the Chakra Girls Spirit Card Deck!


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LIMITED EDITION FIRST PRINTING – only 136 decks available 

The Chakra Girls Spirit Cards are a tool to help you connect with all of your inner powers and discover your best, happiest self. They help you learn new things and grow to be a better person. They can also help you out with questions you have about things going on in your life and how to deal with the different challenges you encounter as you grow up. Each one of the color categories shares certain themes, affirmations, tools and ideas to help you learn to feel balanced and happy.

The card deck comes with a guidebook full of ideas on how to use the cards, supportive messages, activities and prompts for diverse learning styles and personalities.

What’s Included:

  • 24 cards with a soft-touch finish
  • 44-page guidebook with coated matte cover
  • Organza storage bag

Card Themes:

Red – Grounding • Security • Belonging

Orange – Creativity • Flow • Friendship

Yellow – Inner Strength • Resilience • Goals

Green – Self-Love • Kindness • Gratitude

Blue – Self-Expression • Communication • Listening

Indigo – Mindfulness • Emotions • Intuition

Purple – Imagination • Dreams • Possibility

Rainbow – Authenticity • Unity • Collaboration

Sample Message and Ideas:

Green Card – Love Yourself

Ana’s Message:
When you’re growing and learning about who you are, it can be confusing and hard to love yourself sometimes. It’s also common to get the idea that you need to be perfect. The truth is that no one is perfect and if you expect yourself to be, you’ll end up hiding some important parts of yourself from others. Whenever it’s hard for you to find self-love, reach out to someone who loves you and get support to remember the good things about you.


• Make a self-esteem jar- write out things you like about yourself on slips of paper and ask others to write some too. Save them all in a jar to read when you need a boost of love.

• Forgive yourself for a mistake you made.

• Practice Heart Breath- close your eyes and place your hands over your heart. Inhale and open your arms wide, exhale bringing your hands back over your heart. Imagine that you’re taking in love and bringing it into your heart.

• Use the positive affirmation, ‘I love and accept myself for who I am’ throughout your day.


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