Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC: an alphabet book of confidence




Second Edition Now Available!

From Abundant to Zen, this modern, one of a kind ABC book is designed to promote confidence and self-love.

The Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC is a cadence of empowering words carefully chosen to ignite the heartfire in people of all ages.

Created with gift-giving in mind, the book has a page to add your own dedication and makes a perfect gift for birthdays, showers or anytime you want to remind someone how special they are (including yourself!)

Much more than just a book, Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC is a complete learning experience.

It includes a dictionary and learning guide with 100+ activities, exercises and questions for parents, teachers and counselors to use to create a holistic learning experience.

A percentage of the profits of each book will be donated to families in need and organizations aimed at empowering girls. To learn more about the currently highlighted cause, visit:

Note on the Second Edition: When I first selected the words for this book, my goal was to help people access the vocabulary of positive words needed to nurture confidence and connection. Along the way, I grew to realize that in order to accomplish my goal, I needed to include more depth — there are more layers to what we need to learn to be able to be our best, happiest selves. We need words to help speak our truth and spark action to create the world we want, words to build the inner fire to keep going when things are tough, ones to promote community and peace. We also need support in making our own meanings and learning how to use these words to build inner knowing and change. The additions I’ve made reflect my ever-evolving understanding.


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