Lightkeeper 30-Day Practice Journal


Build your Self-Love, Strengthen your Relationship and Protect her Confidence with this 30-day practice designed especially for moms of tween girls.
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Welcome to the Lightkeeper 30-Day Practice!

This 30-day practice offers you an important rite of passage to honor and prepare you for the journey from being the mom of a girl to the mom of a young woman. Each day guides you through a different theme related to supporting you as the lightkeeper of your daughter’s true spirit. Through a personal commitment to consistent, daily practice over 30 days, you will gain the momentum to shift the course of both of your lives and plant seeds for long-term change.

Your practice includes: self-care, positive affirmations, journaling and reflection in a way that fits with the flow of your lifestyle.

You will receive PDF files of:

  • 30-Day Practice Journal, with instructions for getting started, how to create a retreat experience for yourself to maximize the benefits, a daily theme, quote and journaling questions
  • Daily Practice Worksheets full of self-care ideas, positive affirmations, breathing exercises and meditations

You will experience: increased self-love, improved relationship with your daughter, a better understanding of how to support her confidence, honor her true self, overcome conflicts in your relationship and so much more!

If you’re interested learning more about the online course that accompanies this practice, click here: Lightkeeper Sessions Online Course


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