Strategy Session


Empowerment Special! – 45-minute Strategy Session

Get the support you need to approach all aspects of your life with confidence!





I’m offering a special price on my 45-hour sessions throughout to help you gain the support you need to approach your life as a parent and woman with confidence!

Strategy Sessions are best for:

  • When you have a specific obstacle you’re experiencing with your parenting, your daughter’s wellness, or your relationship; or, you’re experiencing an obstacle with your own personal growth that’s affecting any of these areas
  • You want support in finding the best personal growth resources for your daughter with special needs and circumstances: highly sensitive, introverted, gifted, ADHD, divorced/co-parenting families
  • You know you want to help your daughter with a plan for organization/time management, nutrition or personal goals and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked
  • You’re questioning your daughter’s school setting or relationships and want support with how to address it
  • You know you need some kind of support for your family, but you’re not sure what the best path to follow and need help understanding all the options
  • You’re using the Chakra Girls Empowerment Program and want personalized suggestions for how to tailor the experience to your daughter and your lifestyle

How does it work?:

After your payment, I’ll follow up with a link to my calendar to schedule your session. You’ll also receive a short questionnaire that helps you get clear on what you want to focus on and helps me learn more about what you’re looking for.

I aim to personalize all aspects of your experience includes the way we communicate. We meet online using the form of communication that works best for you- phone, video, or messaging chat – whatever fits your personality, learning style and lifestyle.

During our call, you bring your questions and concerns and receive heart-centered advice that cuts right to the core of your issue and helps you gain the perspective you need to create change.

By the end of the call, you have a feeling of relief and confidence, and clarity around your best, next steps to address your issues.

You’ll be equipped with ideas with strategies you can practice right away, as well as ideas for how to make long-term shifts.

** I offer sessions worldwide through video or audio, depending on your communication preference **

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