Wisdom from Tween Girls #1 – Change: Understanding It, Resenting It, Embracing It and Living It

Wisdom from Tween Girls #1 – Change: Understanding It, Resenting It, Embracing It and Living It

“If nothing changed there would be no butterflies.” – Unknown

:: Guest Post by Kaya Simcoe, age 12 ::

It all started, with a diary entry.

It was a cool May day and I knew I needed to get my thoughts on paper.

I grabbed my journal with the elephant on the cover, and sat down on my favorite backyard swing. In pencil my words filled up two pages, ending with this:

“In conclusion, for now, a big word is change. And before it, I’ll add the word gentle. There. Gentle change.”

Right then and there, something sparked in my heart.

Later that day, I wrote a poem with Gentle Change as the title. I loved it, but I have loved a lot of poems in my life. Still, this one was still distantly special.

It was moving to me and exactly what I needed, and it turned out, was what a lot of people needed.

I took it to school with me the next day, and shared it with a few close family friends along with my own family. I was floored at their reaction, how it touched them in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Later, I began to write more poems and turned it into a series.

So, what even is Gentle Change?

Well, to me it starts with a problem, or the wind, being turned into something beautiful, or the breeze.

It’s about loving yourself, challenging yourself, and coming back to yourself.

It’s about life, and wonder. It’s very dear to my heart, and sparks joy.

To you, it might mean something else. That’s what I love about Gentle Change! It crosses borders and applies to people uniquely.

I’m twelve. I have normal twelve year old concerns, like does folding my laundry really matter? Does kale added to my mashed potatoes make it a balanced meal?

I also wonder about bigger things than leafy greens and laundry. These come through in my poetry.

I love to write. I mean LOVE! I write pretty much every day, and it’s a true passion of mine.

I’m learning to let myself write when I want, and that it’s okay when it doesn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.

The reason I want to share Gentle Change with you is because it comes from my heart.

I hope it speaks to yours.

I have chosen three poems out of the series that I feel really highlights it.

Underneath their separate messages, one stays constant. Change is beautiful. Life is always moving, and only in one direction: forward.

“Change happens and it feels hard, but somehow we always end up on the other side. Change is here for you if you open your mind to it.”

I hope you enjoy!

Gentle Change #1: A Wish Caught In The Wind Of Your Change

Gentle change

Sweeps across you

Like the breeze

You never really notice

Until your breeze turns into the wind

Then back, forth, and over again

But that also means

That a big dandelion

Can turn into a small blown seed

That’s swept up in the wind of your change

Until it finds solid land, and begins to breathe

And that seed

Which was once caught in the wild wind

Will be planted deep into the earth

And the cycle continues with no end

So you see, my friend

The wild wind of your change

Can make miracles appear

Just don’t get lost in the crazy

The hazy storm of change

Remember that the wind was once a breeze

And it made miracles appear

So that one towering dandelion

That gives the wishing hope,

Will turn around

Smile and thank you

Your wild wind of change

Let it’s babies fly

They flew up,

Up into the sky

And ten more towering dandelions

Will smile

And thank you

And your wild wind of change

Will blow into what it used to be

A gentle breeze, made to enjoy

For you, for us all, for me

Gentle Change #3: Your Own Instructions

“Gentle change”

What a fascinating idea

An idea that intrigues you

And begs for closer attention

You look

And are dismayed to see

It’s murky, and brown

Not clear, like you thought it would be

You want instruction

Rules to follow

You love the idea

So why is it so hard to apply to tomorrow?

You sigh in frustration

Where will this end?

And just like that, you are spun on your head

A wind has been created once again

But ah ha…

look now, do you see the pattern?

Look closely,

And you’ll see,

When you look for perfection

In an imperfect world

Search for the usual

In a uniquely her own girl

You will find there is no such thing

And your gentle breeze is blown again

By now, you know what to do

You tell all the people that beg for your attention


You prioritize your obligations

-They’ll still be there when you get back!-

Take a moment by yourself

A moment to reflect

It’s okay,

Close those doors

Be with who you need,

Recognize what fears are really yours

And suddenly

Right before your eyes!

The water clears

It’s a blessing in disguise!

It’s like a book in another language

But now you can read it

You realize, you know…

“Gentle Change” isn’t specific!

It’s a springboard for what you can discover

Take it as a metaphor,

but make up your own instructions

Be bold

Be creative

I promise you won’t regret it

Gentle change is here for you

It always will be

But it’s also a chance to step out,

Step forward

To see all you can see

Explore the world

Reach every high

Climb mountains

Soar through the sky

Do whatever your invisible compass,

Your heart tell you to do

But, I am going to be honest with you

You will fall down

You’ll make mistakes

But here’s the catch:

You will get up

You will find your place

In this world, there’s a lot to give

Experience it all

Drink in the bliss

Come back to YOU

Hug yourself tight

Know that night is always right before light

Come back to your passion

Your calling, your way

Instead of perfecting tomorrow,

Enjoy today

Gentle Change #6: Seed, Bloom, Blossom

This poem is specifically for girls my age, who are beginning to grow while still being a kid. You are beautiful and never forget your sparkle, girls!

Gentle change

Is going on inside of you

Going through, and through

And sometimes you don’t know what to do

Your feelings can spin

And so can your mind

That’s the time to come back to you,

Listening to the voice inside

Just as rain falls to make seeds bloom

It will happen to you

After the rain comes a rainbow,

And that’s important for you to know

Know that you are loved

Forever and ever and ever

Know that the moon shines on you,

My beautiful sky child

Like running through fields

Of flowers and butterflies

Like diving into the ocean,

Immersed in its watery goodness

Like a thousand butterflies

Migrating to their due course

Your heart will lead you

To your source

Your place of clarity

Wisdom and love

Where you can let everything you don’t need,

You can let it go to the above

And, I want you to know

That no matter what

I love you

Through and through

Forever and ever

Up to the moon

And back a thousand billion times


About the Author

Hi! My name is Kaya Simcoe, and I am 12 years old. I love writing, art, music, reading, yoga, and interior design. If you want to read my other writing, you can find me in the July issue of Highlights Magazine, and in a yet-to-be-determined issue of Stone Soup Magazine.


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