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Girls face unique challenges as they grow up. Do you need help navigating the tween years and supporting your daughter’s changing needs?

Growing up is exciting and difficult for your daughter. Her moods and emotions start to change. Her behaviors and interests shift and so do her needs for privacy. I know this time can be tough on you too.

It’s possible to make this time a positive experience for you both and to set the stage now for a healthy adolescence- I’m here to help!

You can…

Feel confident in your parenting
Stay connected to your daughter
Experience more joy and less turbulence
Give your daughter what she needs to thrive


That’s what Parent Consultation is all about. My approach offers support and guidance based on over 15 years of professional experience as a Licensed Counselor and teacher working with tween girls and their families. I offer non-judgmental listening, honest, heart-centered advice, and guidance you need to empower yourself and your daughter.

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Working with Carly was an absolute lifesaver…

when I was trying to help guide my tween daughter in her educational pursuits, self awareness, and helping both Olivia and myself understand the obstacles and gifts that she was faced with. I needed as much support and assistance as my daughter did, especially overcoming my mommy guilt when things were difficult.  Carly is very well educated in the development (emotional and educational) of tween girls.  She is in tune with the needs of both the parent and child and is able be flexible in her approach in order to best meet the needs of the individual.

~Andrea Jarrell, parent

Wondering about Parent Consultation? Here’s how it works.

Parent Consultation is the personalized support and guidance you need as you parent your tween girl. We work together in a dynamic process that gives you unlimited support 24/7 – just when you need it!


  • Email consultation allows you to get the insight you need without having to fit a session into your busy schedule.
  • Send unlimited email messages to me 24/7 – sharing background information, questions and concerns whenever you like for one week
  • At the end of the week, I’ll send you a Personalized Action Plan with custom-created resources and exercises, detailed steps for implementing new tools and practices, and outside resource and referral suggestions to support you in reaching your goals

1 week unlimited emails & Personalized Action Plan: $398

1 week follow-up email consulting: $108 (for existing clients)

* BONUS: Includes the full set of Inner Rainbow Guides*


Carly is open-minded, flexible and willing to work with your family needs.

Carly introduced my daughter to activities that were good for her body and mind. She has so much knowledge and perspective into the mind and motivation of tween girls.

~ Kim Martos, parent


Curious about the kinds of things I can help with?

Issues with disrespect, dishonesty, listening

How to improve communication and resolve conflict

How to support your daughter with issues of: self-esteem, moodiness, body image, friendships/bullying, anxiety/stress

Issues with divorced and separated parents

Support for gifted, highly sensitive and introverted learners

Difficulties in school: with teachers, learning environment, discipline

Choosing the right educational environment for daughter’s learning needs

Organization/time management/creating routines

How to shift your parenting approach to meet daughter’s unique needs

How to set clear boundaries and shift discipline style

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